• 3 D embroidery - stitches piled, intertwined, padded, twisted and knotted.
  • Brilliantly coloured silky looking threads of different weights - smooth, lustrous or have a crinkled boucle effect.
  • Background filled with fine growth, branches and field flowers.


The Brazilian-style of embroidery was developed in 1960 by Mrs Elisa Hirsch Maia of Brazil, who embroidered all her household linen and family’s clothing.

She was dissatisfied with the floss and colours available. After much experimenting, she developed a method of dyeing the native cellulose so that each thread of floss could be several vivid colours. Soon she was in business, teaching her style and selling her twisted rayon floss. The business grew and her floss was sold around the world.

The different textures and thicknesses of rayon floss each have a different name.

In the Edmar range – Glory, Frost, Iris, Lola, Nova, Rafia and Boucle.


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© Valerie Cavill, 2009